Pharmacy chains activity analysis

Pharmacy chains activity analysis

Russian pharmaceuticals retail chain segment evaluation, both on the level of the state and in particular regions. Pharmacy chains development forecast


Product sales and separate market development forecast, based on unique mathematical models

Business and marketing plan development

Development of detailed business-plans, required to evaluate the reasonability of project start

Search of partners for contract production in Russia

Potential partners search and evaluation, based on their technical opportunities, appropriate experience, and reputation

Monitoring of import substitution

assessment of the main trends of import substitution policies and localization processes in the pharmaceutical market in Russia, the key beneficiaries and companies at risk

News, archive: November 2021

11/30/2021 Ranking of Russian Pharmaceutical Distributors (Q1–Q3 2021)

The Russian State Duma of the 8th convocation intends to continue working on the draft law that introduces restrictions for the pharmaceutical retail market and wholesale companies. At the same time, it is willing to revise certain provisions, including the maximum amount of marketing bonuses. While it may seem industry-specific, both the stability of the Russian pharmaceutical retail and the pricing policy at all stages of the movement of goods directly depend on that provision.

11/26/2021 Database Update: Audit of Veterinary Drug Retail Sales in Russia (October 2021)

From January to October 2021, the sales of veterinary drugs in the Russian retail market amounted to RUB 18.5 billion (retail prices, VAT included), up 5% from January–October 2020. The most important factor for the growth rates was the inflation rate, as well as higher demand for premium segment products in certain regions. In minimum dosage units (MDU), the growth rate was –5.1%, with the sales volume of 144 million MDUs.

11/25/2021 Pharmaceutical Drug Production in Russia (October 2021)

From January to October 2021, Russian manufacturers produced RUB 489.1 billion worth of pharmaceutical drugs (manufacturer’s prices, VAT included), down 21.2% from the same period in 2020. In physical terms, the growth rate was –16.8% due to the so-called “high base effect”, essentially meaning that large volumes of drugs used for the treatment of coronavirus were produced last year. The total production volume in January–October 2021 was 3.34 billion packages, or 61.1 billion minimum dosage units (MDU). Notably, the growth rate is higher if calculated in MDUs compared to packages, albeit still negative, –6.3%.

11/24/2021 Survey by RNC Pharma and Medvestnik: 80% of Russian Doctors Think Medical Professionals Should Be in Charge of Healthcare Facilities

According to a survey conducted by the RNC Pharma analyst firm and the platform for doctors Medvestnik, 60.6% of Russian doctors believe that only trained physicians are qualified enough to be in charge of a healthcare facility.